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Wooden Maria – Well Wisher

Wooden Maria – Well Wisher

Preachers of lust and loneliness, hypnotizing our alternative layers to mend our fractured hopes.

It’s spirit world imagery today binded with amplified otherworldly slo-mo power of predominantly folk and alternative rock. Oliver Muto (guitar, vocals) and Claire Storey (violin, vocals) have magnified my goosebumps and swished my soul away, as I listen to “Well Wishes” EP holding on to the last track “Well-Wisher”. During recording, band friend Joe Howard of Spry came on board with an extra guitar and bass…

The song is deeply haunting you can feel your heart racing over the melody to find some inner peace.  Poetic, saturating the struggles against the natural or supernatural forces of belief, “Well-Wisher” falls into a sea of chants, that will keep on repeating itself until time has told it’s tale.

Surely you will worship the sound as it hits the depth of wonders and mysteries through the gloom of light or never ending darkness.

Wooden Maria began as Oliver’s songwriting outlet/solo project and has organically grown over the last year to the current line up. For sure the music is genrefull as we love to say.  Beautiful and emotive music with dark undertones and epic in scale.

You can support/buy/name your price of the album here. The EP was recorded between Haimer’s cabin in rural Kent and Oliver’s houseboat around the London canals. All other material thus far, from artwork to video, is produced by the band.



So at last you’ve come
Hallowed by the dawning sun
A silent salangane.
Hound at either side
Wire coats and clouded eyes
Treading ever by
Turner of the grain
Reaper through the morning haze
Timely chaperone
Lead me now my darling sons
Are fully fledged and flown.
Love, it soars and wounds
Gold wings in the darkest hours
And claws come out at noon
Not a ship in sight
Moths about the candlelight
Send me on my way
Siren from the bay
Wings and claws at noon
Love it soars and wounds.


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