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Amazing videoclip footage for “Stay Down” by Fire to the Stars!

Amazing videoclip footage for “Stay Down” by Fire to the Stars!

Directed by Kyle V. James and Michael Bourne, the “Stay Down” video is composed of beautiful, luscious excerpts from the award-winning short film The Death Drive. 

The Melbourne-based collection of Australians and ex-pat Swedes Fire to the Stars have delivered a true piece of art. Every element of the video was masterfully executed, from the lighting to the wardrobe, right down to the post-production. For “Stay Down,” the band has upped the ante even further by blurring the lines between music video and short film. The end result is a striking piece that stimulates not only the eyes and ears, but also the hearts and minds as well.

Their sound brilliantly celebrates their influences like Dead Can Dance, Grouper, and My Bloody Valentine.

The video begins with a shocking visual of a man dousing himself with gasoline and engulfing himself in flames. As the fire and smoke consumes him, painful memories of a failed love blast across the screen. This broken soul has clearly lost all will to carry on, and as other scenes appear of him wandering aimlessly his only hesitation is on the top of a desert mountain, where a text briefly appears on screen… “Why am I doing this?” One last flashback to a better time reveal that perhaps he’s had a self-destructive streak all along, only now he no longer has someone by his side to mitigate that urge.
Watch short film Death Drive below.
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