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Çiğdem Aslan – Zaira from “A THOUSAND CRANES”

Çiğdem Aslan – Zaira from “A THOUSAND CRANES”

Çiğdem Aslan’s second album, “A Thousand Cranes” is a mesmerising sequel to the songs of the 1920’s Smyrna and Istanbul of her debut album “Mortissa”.

A beautiful track and whole album that bridges the gap in the time machine, travelling us back to our roots however reminding us that the present is more delicate and colourful in music melodies than ever.

Taking its name after tourna/τούρνα (crane); a migratory bird that resonates with strong symbolism in many cultures and mythologies; with “A Thousand Cranes“, Çiğdem too is migrating through ages and across borders to continue her journey and explore songs of Athens, the Balkans and South East Anatolia.

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