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mono mono – Helium Balloon

mono mono – Helium Balloon

mono mono will fly your spirit high in the musical universe. On our November playlist!

mono mono are a new stereo sound for me! As you press play you get those extra Bjork and The Knife shivers! However it’s all genuinely creative in their universe. Adoring how Karoline Elsig (Vocals and sax) and Jakob Franck (beatmaker) mingle together as a fantastic alternative electro-pop band.
Helium Balloon will lift your spirit high from the very first of seconds up to the colorful clouds. There is a balance between grace and attitude as we find ourselves swooshing along the vocal sound and rhythmic nodding to the beat. The duo create beautiful melodies decorated with a mix of electronic sounds, soothing layers of vocals and hypnotic saxophones (personally my fav). Can’t wait to see what else will be showing up in the horizon! Loads of talent, combined with some of our favorite aromas will bring a clear sky. We want an album that’s for sure!  Connect with them on Facebook and Youtube!


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