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Allen French – Nova Vida

Allen French – Nova Vida

On Novo Mundo, his debut EP on French Press Records, Allen French aims to discover new horizons.

Get ready to dive into a beautiful music sunset… The track was featured on E05 of the #giveitaspin radio show which will be up on  and our mixcloud channel real soon!

Continuing to add to his young but remarkable catalogue, featuring early hits such as Rosie and Kitsuné–signed Fiendin‘, we’re once again captivated by the unique direction the LA–based artist is exploring.

The release brims with talent, seeing French work with jazz aficionado and M83’s own Joe Berry to bring a palatable combination of live instrumentation and house grooves, as well as featuring original vocals from indie songstress Amie Miriello on 7AM and Jessie Clemens on Nova Vida. The lyrical message throughout the EP is one of realized potential, encouraging listeners to reflect on the subjects of exploration and looking towards the future, because you never know what wonders may lie ahead. Sit back and let the magic of Novo Mundo take hold.