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Sober Rob – Abduction with Alexander Lewis

Sober Rob – Abduction with Alexander Lewis

If your looking for a musical escape, blast on your headphones for as long as it takes!

Words cannot describe my feelings with this track. It caught me by surprise, amazingly beautiful at first escalating into an abduction of dynamic emotions and where space has no limits. We have a collab. Sober Rob with Alexander Lewis that has just knocked my socks off
Sober Rob has really made me see things clearly in the Trap genre tonight. Perhaps 2017 will be much more adventurous for my bpm challenges. I’ve had it on repeat, you can sync in with the vibe. I’m sure of it actually! He attended Berklee College of Music and has been playing the viola since eight years old! There is much to take in.You can follow him around on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the official website. Hit it on Spotify too!

‘One of the main things I try to do is to never fully move away from something I have learned or liked for a while…I’m always incorporating my favorite aspects from different styles of production,’ he states ‘I feel like that’s what eventually creates a sound that’s both yours and unique.’