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Lopenstraat – Kaşıntı

Lopenstraat – Kaşıntı

Lopenstraat is an instrumental sextet based in Istanbul.

 After spending some time putting their improvisational sessions in a context, they released their first single “Hike” on August 2015. “Hike” was included in the compilation “The New Generation Of Turkish Psychedelic Volume I” released from Guerssen Records in 2016. The band, whose first EP “Şile” was released in October 2016, incorporates progressive, psychedelic and experimental elements in their music.
The Anatolian rock-psych scene has been reassessed in the recent years, if you add rivers of jazz on to that, then you have a mixture of the finest feelings. Alluring sonic spaces and avant-garde responsiveness is a first approach when you listen to Lopenstraat. As we have concentrated on every live or improvisation track on their Souncloud page, all you have to do now is find some extra time to sink in with the extraordinary tunes. The talented sextet has a vibrant sound function that decodes any polymath or traditional rhythm. Enjoy the harmonic complexities and be prepared to open your heart to an amazing garden of tones. Find them on Facebook. The EP is out via Personal Space Records.


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