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Men I Trust – Plain View

Men I Trust – Plain View

Men I Trust is a cool indie-dance band from Quebec city that will be on your 2017 playlist!

We finished this song just before our 2016 China Tour. We basically didn’t have too many expectations about China. The video we shot on our tour is very special for us because it is not a built up scenario. It is our most personal one, simply made of several everyday moments the four of us shared as good friends.

I really trust the music that’s going through my heart today. It’s a great start to 2017. Falling upon this unique band, and listening to “Plain View” which actually is deep and spacious, could make things fall in the right place. The track has a sizzling chord that just brings out a calm vulnerability. That of words needing feelings and feelings needing moments. If your into the XX or London Grammar aura, then Men I Trust is next up on your playlist. My instincts have to say that the song is impressive and well-oiled in the underground indietronic scene that’s searching for light. You can catch the band bio here (quite interesting!) or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. “Plain View” is already on our January playlist and you can download it here or here for free. Happy musical year mates! The coolest albums of 2016 post is on it’s way soon. xoxo


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