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Here is the FASMA festival line up for 2017 | 4-7 May, Athens

Here is the FASMA festival line up for 2017 | 4-7 May, Athens

Creating a path
around diverse neighborhoods through the city, from the imposing 19th century
historical hall of the Old Stock
Exchange Market
, to the pillar of techno Astron bar and to the recently renovated Public Agora of Kypseli, FASMA weaves together some unconventional
as well as established spots of Athenian nightlife. From the place-to-be six d.o.g.s. and the multipurpose space
of Chitirio, to the sunny garden of
the Association of Greek Archaeologists building,
the programme of this year’s edition unveils through a constellation of venues.
artists covering a wide spectrum of today’s electronic music will be presented
through the course of four days. The legendary Drexciyan DJ Stingray from Detroit, alongside the father of cosmic disco, Daniele Baldelli, and the always
gripping Alessandro Cortini of Nine
Inch Nails share the bill with queer rap icon Zebra Katz and esteemed connoisseur Tolouse Low Trax.
Straight from a
grimey warehouse comes Perc on a b2b set with Randomer, and the godfather of Bristol dubstep Pinch, joining forces with Athenian techno heavyweight ANFS, stretching all the way to Toxe, the dark electro-pop of Sixth June and the gems of exceptional
crate digger Jamie Tiller. FASMA
teams up in a showcase with local forward-thinking labels Hypermedium and Lower Parts,
in a hardware-heavy night full of synthetic sounds. From their roster alongside
DJ Stingray and a pick of local producers, it will present ‘hooligan of
computer music’ EVOL and the new A/V
project of N.M.O.’s Rubén Patiño, as Lag Os.
Acting as a
platform for showcasing local artists across different genres, FASMA cherry-picks performances such as
the live A/V debut of Constantine HADES w/ EFTD, the midnight synth
horror of Vercetti
, the deconstructed dub approach of Jay Glass Dubs, the new project of underground rap master Hatemost and the hip-hop improvisations
of Kill Emil, among many others.
Technical workshops, installations and lectures enfold this year’s programme in a parallel fashion,
expanding ideas beyond the performance space of the concert hall and the
dancefloor, demonstrating music culture in its various unfoldings.
programme of the festival’s parallel activities will be announced gradually.
Akis S [GR]/ Alessandro Cortini [IT] / Alienata b2b Kondaktor [ES] [GR] / Analogue DJs ]GR] /  Anatolian
[GR] / ANFS [GR] / Angelos Kyriou [GR] / be uncensored DJs [GR ] / BMSK [GR] / Breakin Moves [GR] / Constantine
[GR] / Daniele Baldelli [GR] / Dead Gum [GR] /  DimDj [GR] / DJ Stingray [US] / Eomac [OM] / EVOL [ES] /
Hydroessa [GR] / Jamie Tiller [UK] / Jay Glass Dubs [GR] / Kill Emil [GR] / Kon001 [GR] / Lag Os
[ES] / Lee Adams [UK] / Liegota [GR] / Mr. Statik b2b Runner [GR] / Perc b2b Randomer [UK] / Pinch [UK] / Polygrains
[GR] / PRINCE XXIII w/ DWMND [GR] / Sixth June [RS] / Tolouse Low Trax [DE] / Tomash
[CY] /  Τoxe [SE] / Vercetti
[GR] / Xyn Cabal
[GR] / Zebra Katz [US]
Festival passes and tickets available soon
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