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Plat Ramos speaks the subway and city truth of NYC with his authentic “Third Rail” video!

Plat Ramos speaks the subway and city truth of NYC with his authentic “Third Rail” video!

Plat Ramos (aka Platano -plät-tä-nō) could have taken his name from the Greek word (as a movie says) plátanos = “πλάτανος” one of οur tallest trees out there, however it is a hot dessert slice carved off the tropical banana plant. All you have to remember though, at it’s calling, is a dope artist from Queens, NYC. I have many things in common with Plat. He is a realistic creative person that codes by day and makes music and vibes by night. Well, that sums up some every day super hero inspiration feature for me. Stumbling on trails to his official video, was really the best thing that happened during the week. I enjoyed it in a way of connecting to the city and the vibes in a pragmatic perspective. “Bring back the positive NY rap” is the message.

If you check the Plat Ramos instagram account you can find a picture of him in a #nypl speaking. Some months ago my fantastic girls from #codeitlikeagirl were also there and we could have came so close for a skype up meeting all together to talk about the tech world and our cities. Keep your eyes open to the truth and share your original feelings with the world. We all come from the same banana tree 🙂

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It’s tough to live in NYC sometimes when I meet more people that recently moved here than grew up here. This video is my way of coping. I present to you my view of my hometown which includes the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.


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