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Mathew Clayton – Hy Brazil

Mathew Clayton – Hy Brazil


Mathew Clayton just released Hy Brazil, a track which takes it’s name from a legendary ghost island that showed on the maps from the 13th to the 19th century! It’s out via his own digital record label Music For Mountains.



It’s a romantic liaison between the organic and the mountain dew, sounding like a lost single from Matthew Herbert’s Doctor Rockit project. It just aired, also yesterday on giveitaspin show (Paranoise Radio) causing some electronic turbulence in the chat room 🙂

Hy Brazil is calm-cooled, magisterial and bpm wise.

Get in touch with Mathew on Twitter, Medium, Beatport and Itunes.


PS. Mathew Clayton wrote about Hy Brazil in his book with Anthony Atkinson about
islands — Lundy, Rockall, Dogger and Fair Isle (2015 Random House). I’ll gladly be taking the pages, camping with me this summer and the music treats.

Listen to the B side here:


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