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Watch: Sarah P. – Who Am I

Watch: Sarah P. – Who Am I


Who Am I is second single and the title song of Sarah P.’ s (yes, beloved frontwoman of Keep Shelly in Athens) solo debut album that was just released a few days ago via her own label EraseRestart. The album consists of ten songs that Sarah wrote in Berlin while thinking of her hometown Athens, produced together with George Priniotakis at Artracks Studios (Athens).



The song is a beautiful mixture of jungle, house and pop. “Who Am I” echoes a mystical inner dance around each corner of Teatro Rossi Aperto, an abandoned then squatted 250-years old Italian late baroque theater in Pisa. The beautiful location was chosen by director Oirot Buntot.

On Who Am I, Sarah P. gets political, comments on our societies, serenades about true love, criticizes herself and shares her fears and dreams.

I always felt connected to my Greek roots, but disconnected from Greece’s modern society. I always wanted to fly away from my mother land’s nest. When I did, I realized that people, in the exact moment they would learn that I’m Greek, they would reduce me to that, when all I wanted was to take bits and pieces of all cultures and be a real citizen of the world. However, it seems like my heritage can’t let me be what I want to be – and I don’t blame it a single bit.”

Citizens of the world you can connect with Sarah through the official website. The whole album can be streamed here and  “Who Am I” is on our May giveitaspin playlist. 
#giveitaspin: imagine Bjork and Kate Bush having an espresso together, appreciating with words the apocalyptic beauty of this video performance, and Sarah’s dazzling voice and fairy-wise poetic talent.
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