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GEO – Good Morning

GEO – Good Morning

GEO has a great sense of morning glory delivering positive vibes and coffee (smoothie) smiles! He truthfully interprets everyday feelings into his music. Claiming identity as Producer slash Truck Driver on his soundcloud profile, GEO is an every day protagonist on our July playlist, pumping up the sunrise over our ears. Share the fun and make a G’day out of it!


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I wrote “Good Morning” super early in the morning on a Sunday in my LA apartment. For some reason I was up early enough to hear the church bells from across the street and was inspired to make something with some gospel elements. Going to church wasn’t a huge part of my childhood and I used to be scared of even being in one, so for this song I wanted to make something that wouldn’t scare 6 year old Geo. Personally, I haven’t connected much with religion but I can understand the amount of joy, love, and vibrance people feel when connected with it. “Good Morning” is what I interpret to be what people may feel when they go to church and feel connected to religion. Existential conversations aside, I have always loved Gospel music and the way it makes me feel, this is a tribute to that feeling by GEO.

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