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Claus Vega – Noches Amarillas Live @ Rooftop 101 Barcelona

Claus Vega – Noches Amarillas Live @ Rooftop 101 Barcelona


Watch Claus Vega’s stunning electronic based live set “Noches Amarillas” on Rooftop 101 // Barcelona.


Claus Vega is a German-Chilean electronic music producer and live performer based in Barcelona and Berlin. His music is genrefull and combines both German perfectionism and Latin flow. He modifies recordings of classical instruments and nature to create unusual electronic soundscapes. In 2016 he produced his first music video in the Spanish desert for his single “The Collector” and released his first EP Noches Amarillas in April this year. Is Jaar listening? We do hope so! Play it from everywhere. It will set your mood on fire full of tranquility and liquid emotions.
Connect with Claus via [Website] [Soundcloud] [Spotify] [Facebook]


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