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Download the Truth Chronicles Vol 34 mix + track list!

Download the Truth Chronicles Vol 34 mix + track list!

The new Truth Chronicles mix is here for your listening pleasure!

Inspired by our recent hectic touring schedule around the USA, Europe, NZ and Australia. Recorded this straight after Shambhala and Outlook Festival!



Truth – ?ID?
Saule – Cure Dem (J:Kenzo remix)
Oxossi – Dark Passenger
Dayzero – Looming Shadow
Samba & Headland – Salt Talk
Truth ft Lelijveld – Inside Your Thoughts (J:Kenzo Remix)
Rez – One By One
Seven x Truth x Juss B – Sour Power
Oudjat – Skarla
Thromb – Ms Waller
Shu & Dalek One – Mumble Dub
Mr K – Fidget
Samba – Malignant (Bukez Finezt remix)
Sepia – Flutez
Oxossi – Cities of Salt
Pushloop – Reptoid
Khiva – In The Quiet (Truth Remix)
Kali – Misdemeanor
Mr K – IP13
DMVU – Bloccd (Truth Remix)
ColtCuts x Pushloop x Dalek One – Desert Merchants
Darkimh & Taiko – Unwarp


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