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Simple Steven- Mayfly

Simple Steven- Mayfly

Eric Watson aka Simple Steven is an alternative hip-hop artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Simple Steven on a steady pace has released songs ever since his raps n rhymes, performing also in multiple US tours over 37 states. Today, we get to treasure his newest EP “Building Better Buildings“. He raps at a speed, keeping pace with the rhythm and says enough about his soul. “It’s what we do, Mayfly“, is sincere, beautiful and reality check music, making us feel some Soso or Blood of Abraham melancholy twists. If you’re in for the hustle of flyin’ cause life is tough and you gotta do what is right, drop this on your playlist, and buy the whole thing on bandcamp. It’s been for days on ours. The Steven simplicity hip-hop algorithm is full of complex remedies, ready for you to discover.

Connect with Mayfly here: [Facebook] [Twitter] [ Instagram]
and peace over.

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