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Spiller – Autumn Equinox

Spiller – Autumn Equinox

Eugene-based Spiller band brush the restless leaves off an improvised math-brit-jazz Autumn Equinox


A question for this season’s lovers: do we go for a sensitive Autumn Equinox range or do we fall into the real thing within the depths of slashing guitars and liquid impulses? The song oxygenates and cuts off immediately to blend in next with Grapes of Wrath taken from the bands latest Reuben + Coldcut EP. It’s an experience of perspective that will live up to par at a live gig of theirs, I suppose. If you love music instrumented in a post math rock era with dashes of jazz temptations, perhaps you should follow the muse tonight. It really sounds like friends getting together and jammin’ the world away with great conversations in between rehearsals, and some clever samples being dropped on the garage floor to keep your mind mingling in the alternative world. 
If you want to stay in touch with Sam, Luke, Aidan and Justin follow them on Bandcamp, Facebook and Soundcloud!


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