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Tropical F**K Storm – Chameleon Paint

Tropical F**K Storm – Chameleon Paint


Gareth and Fiona from The Drones jut formed superband TFS, enjoy the debut 7″ single!


You know how much I love The Drones. And now a Tropical F**K Storm, is on the way and it sounds tremendous, joined by Lauren (High Tension) on drums and Erica (Harmony, Palm Springs) on guitars, keys and other gadgets. TFS’ new video Chameleon Paint takes on the big issues in the style of a video game and the lyrics are about disenchantment with the new social media age.


“It feels like a turning point in history”, Liddiard comments, “as technology speeds up. The internet distorts reality and dehumanizes relationships, and makes everyone crazy. It’s a bullshit, out of focus place where everyone is the worst version of themselves. Facebook and Instagram keep you glued to the screen, melt your brain and turn you into an idiot so they can sell shit to you. That’s the climate in my head; that’s why I write all this doom and gloom.”



If you are in search for cover, well sorry just open up your ears and get f**kin wet to battle!

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