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Best Picture teams up with Chester Watson for ‘Pantheon’

Best Picture teams up with Chester Watson for ‘Pantheon’

LA-based Best Picture (John War & Cubbi) teams up with my favourite talented North Miami artist Chester Watson (I’m still a Tin Wooki fan) for a narcotic, psychedelic slow-burner, taking shots through the fog on Pantheon.

On top of cavernous echoes and scorched boom-bap, POW Recordings’ Chester Watson outlines his raison d’être and contemplates the factors that inform it: design, fine art, celebrity culture, the rap landscape, his own community. At one point he stops for pizza. But “Pantheon” feels like a window into an undeterred mind.

The instrumental to “Pantheon” was inspired by urban insularity, and the idea of how gritty surroundings and circumstances can bring out hidden parts of yourself.

Overall, it’s a dripping neon hip hop haze ready to blow any mind instantly and already featured on E07 of giveitaspin radio show soon to be aired on the cloud.

More collaborations are coming with Deem Spencer, Adamn Killa and others in the coming months. Chester Watson’s debut album A Japanese Horror Film is also due out soon on POW Recordings. It couldn’t get any better!

Find Best Picture on Soundcloud and lookout for more to come soon.