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#giveitaspin: Edward Blake – If You’re Ever Mine

#giveitaspin: Edward Blake – If You’re Ever Mine

Edward Blake is an honest and soulful singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the greater New York City area. From rock to world to jazz, and into gospel, R&B and beyond Blake’s musical philosophy is based upon the development of ideas through technical musical ability, always balancing that development by retaining much of the initial musical impulse. It is the artist’s opinion that this enables the best blend of artistic refinement and the spark of a brand new idea. If You’re Mine on the music plate today, is all about anxious love and revelations! There is a deeper meaning clinged to his album Deconstructed Perspectives which is crafted in a special way for your attention and stays true to its vibe of morals.

“Art is most often created to satisfy one’s self, but there is tremendous inspiration in reaching listeners who can take something from this music. Please enjoy it and thank you for listening!”

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