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“Martial Art” is creating a ‘Saga’ of electrifying trumpet-spheric jazz!

“Martial Art” is creating a ‘Saga’ of electrifying trumpet-spheric jazz!

Martial Art has an unusual set of beautiful influences from film music, to jazz to electrifying riffs. It’s contemporary fusion at it’s best! It all started when Zurich based trumpeter Martial In-Albon kept on gaining an active presence in the Swizz jazz scene, working with folks like ECM superstar zen-pianist Nik Baertsch and a variety of big band projects. Releasing under his own name, debut album Saga is definitely bursting out all the soothing energy from classical to electronic forms. It’s really a mastery confession of talented musicians. I hope you enjoy my findings, as you all know how much of a trumpet lover I am! For the likings of Ibrahim Maalouf or Erik Truffaz.

Martial Art is:

Martial In-Albon (tp/flh)
Philipp Saner (g)
Eliyah Reichen (keys)
Bidu Rüegsegger (b)
Nici Struchen (dr)

Find the band on Facebook, Instagram and the Official Website.



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