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Heedless – té amãnha

Heedless – té amãnha

Indian music collective Jwala, is a bunch of self-taught, internet-raised music producers who aim to form a community around this shared mindset. They have 8 compilations up to date and the newest version 008 is a woman-artist only effort to bring more female producers into the mix of things! Get blown away with brand new tracks from Aditi Ramesh, RDKL (Radha Priya), Gaya and heedless (Uvika Wahi). 

In this process of the incoming promo, we got a few kind words with heedlessUvika told us she currently lives in Albufeira (Portugal) and té amãnha is the 7th song she has ever made (with a personal record of one and a half year of making music)! Her participation is techno-driven, wonderful layers of digital noise and exquisitely beautiful. Actually, I wish I could learn how to make a track under a year of effort! However, it has to spring out of you… Exciting pathways for energetic people! Listen up, #giveitaspin and share the love!

Stream the compilation here.

Find Heedless on the  official website,  SoundCloud, and  Instagram!

I’m a fan of her writings on social or web media wherever I find her <3

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