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The truth that binds Zimmer’s track “Landing” with gravitational waves and the Virgo detector!

The truth that binds Zimmer’s track “Landing” with gravitational waves and the Virgo detector!

Parisian leftfield producer Zimmer has always brought science into his musical palette and DJ sets.

We can see it all clearly now! Apparently moved by his father’s 30 years of persistent research and the discovery of a lifetime Landing pays homage to him- being one of the scientists that detected Gravitational waves for the first time in 2015. Zimmer’s music keeps on evolving further into the minimal electronic space just as science takes us steps further into the unknown.

For the past 18 months, Zimmer has been in and out of the studio. Landing (out via Roche Musique) featured today is one of the first tracks to be released from this creative outburst, a slow burner, dark and luminous at the same time, with the lead piano melody kicking in at the final climax. There is something uplifting and promising, lending an ear to it, praising long-term efforts for the truth in each and every world we know of. I think he has done something outstanding with this effort of binding science with music forms. Zimmer is also following his heart, playing live for the first time, on stage with machines and lights for an immersive experience of his music.

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Gravitational waves are ripples in space-time. They are caused by the most violent events in the universe, like the fusion of two black holes. They happen million of light years away, yet are smaller than the size of an atom. It is mind-blowing we were able to detect them. Their Nobel prized discovery will allow us to observe the Universe in a way never before possible. 



Gravitational Waves were detected for the first time by LIGO. VIRGO detected Gravitational Waves for the first time in 2017.We had the unique chance to be able to shoot inside Virgo, the European Gravitational Waves observatory, located in Pisa, Italy. Everything we shot is real, I wanted to show this incredible machine that’s huge but very precise at the same time. -Zimmer