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Ethan Gold – Walking on a Dream / Learning to Fly

Ethan Gold – Walking on a Dream / Learning to Fly

Ethan Gold has just pushed the boundaries of what a cover song is really all about. It is heartening, to listen to a track blending Tom Petty with Empire of the Sun. Granted, to be honest, it’s revelatory actually! Ethan had a head injury a while back losing the ability to speak and do complex tasks. So completing after a while a collection from live covers he released on Youtube of some of his favourite songs, from New Order, Talking Heads, Nirvana to Bauhaus was a therapeutic journey. It’s a straightforward affair as a love letter back to music that guided him as a boy releasing Live Undead Bedroom Closet Covers. Though I’m sure you would want to know a bit more about his life here. An amazing personality. 

It’s music from his mildly gothic new wave heartland, filtered through rustic though metaphorical new levels. It makes us believers, there is no irony, in fact, the emotional haze is humbly triumphant to my ears. Grab yourself a cover.

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