Giveitaspin | The Website is an award-winning genre full music, arts and culture blog based in SKG, Greece since 2008, founded by Niki Sorogas. It started out on Blogger platform and evolved later on into a full-on concept!

Giveitaspin | The radio show – podcast

It’s the name of Niki’s radio show for the past years, currently airing on Paranoise Radio bi-weekly.


It’s a hashtag dedicated to covering the best music, spinning throughout all the beautiful genres on earth. It involves daily handpicked taste-making, tracking down gigs, events, interviews and culture likings. The “metaphor” has to do with Aussie slang, vinyl love and science.
Niki has been writing since the mid-2000s on Greek and global music zines is a freestyle DJ (and radio producer) for over ten years and has worked also for the music industry in parallel with her uni years. She has also experience in some of Greece’s biggest Festival productions (Plissken Festival) and events. Exposed to music culture from an early age she wants to support everything she loves out in the internet space, concerning all creative matters!
Hi mates! This website is a one-woman show, however friends pass by from time to time. Just keep it in mind, when promos flood in my inbox. I’m just a pair of ears with a huge passion for music and culture. – Love Niki xoxo

Why giveitaspin?

Giveitaspin loves true music relationships with independent artists and small labels, supporting all kinds of events/festivals and having fresh music on the radio show constantly. 


In GR too?

You’ll find some articles in Greek under the GR edition, other than that it’s all in English blabber to connect with people from all over the world 


Comments are welcome to make and know us better!


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