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LARRY GUS – Angelos Kyriou/Achilleas Kyriakidis [7inch][2013]

LARRY GUS – Angelos Kyriou/Achilleas Kyriakidis [7inch][2013]


Well a few days ago i fell onto Larry Gus’s tape here.I had in mind of purchasing the 7inch as it already is on heavy rotation on .But i just couldn’t leave things in its own state of mind.I really have to express my love for Larry Gus right here right now!

Sometimes i love the things that i can’t put together.Particles of sound spectrum’s just flying in the air,waiting for me eagerly to catch a pulse,no pulse,or high pressure at the same time!That’s what i feel in my throat when i spill out the name “Larry Gus”.

A guy who really respects everything that talks in his heart,heroes of past presence,future friends and think we even have similar opinions in some things which i really didn’t know,before i started writing this up tonight.

Whenever “Achilleas Kiriakidis” falls in my ear spectrum, it just states a hypnotic ecstatic rhythm of lost gone (Greek) treasures or even fainted un-happiness in the pure bliss of having to page up with the everything of nothing (as social criticism must say for our economical history these days). Do you really need to get up and dance or can you feel the pain of pure samples flowing in your heart.Light full as they can be travelling your mind into a tragedy of hype mind failure of memorabilia…We have a saying over here “The artist is always right”.So read below and find out his sate of mind instead of my steady state.

By the way on the first side,”Angelos Kyriou” as a Jarmusch-ed un copy cat in true denial or realistic faith of truth, let the boys play in a land called “say my name in destiny beats”. “I met you/and i want to see you/o ho ho/I want to find life/…i lost you again/leave me/separate me/leave me” in tribute to the butterfly’s flying in my wizzy stomach right now.Anyway,all the above feel like I’m in a Luna park of retro beats that humm differently in each ear as the wind passes by while I’m riding on a carousel,as a romantic lost lover in time.


ps.Larry tonight i love you the most,because i utterly opened the window to your world…

full of obsessive emotions and perfectionism….(just like me!)

Both tracks were composed in the autumn of 2010 and took their final form in the studio in the spring of 2011. These tracks are dedicated to
two people he admires and who have inspired both his work and his life in general.He came across Achilleas Kyriakidis for the first time when he read his translations of important, for his development, works of Georges Perec, Raymond Queneau and Jorge Luis Borges and later on he discovered and loved the books of Kyriakidis himself. The instrumental track “Achilleas Kyrikidis” retrieves memories from 1965, and Larry Gus has linked it in his mind, in a strange way, with Tom Ford’s film “A Single Man”. He listened to Angelos Kyriou for the first time in a gig 4-5 years ago and until today he believes he is the most extraordinary musician he has ever met and the most important Greek musician of his generation. As he says “he kind of vertically intersects all my references and I would give everything to be as spontaneous and true as he is. In this song I tried to copy him as much as I could”
The portraits of Angelos Kyriou and Achilleas Kyriakidis on the cover/back artwork were painted by Georgia Karidi. The 7intch vinyl “Angelos Kyriou/Achilleas Kyriakidis” is a limited edition release from Inner Ear.


I remember from my childhood, my father’s mates calling him “Gus” cutting off the surname Sorogas…cause they couldn’t pronounce it properly…

Reminding him of his weird Greek providence.When i fell across some years ago onto “Larry Gus”,I couldn’t just stop smiling at the musical though dejavu of thoughts and memories.They surely didn’t know that if they stuck on a Larry in front of it, we would of had Larry Gus [pronounced larigas [Greek for larynx]] and then we would have cloned on pieces of music in a parallel universe….

so lets start spurting it all out.

Hey yo,it’s Panagiotis Melidis,born in city of Veria in the county of Imathia, Northern Greece and exalting later on that same inspiration of the agricultural surroundings of his birthplace surroundings into his musical passions and not only.In the year 2006 he musically baptised himself with the nickname Larry Gus.Singer,Producer and multi organist fiddler.At that stage just falling through a preliminary “my last band is over bash” “Ginger” (a duo of Bass n Drums,at the scene Providence of the 00s with hip hop flavors).

Well it was part of a fuzzy period after that producing compositions,just music,and later on growing as a recognisable atom in the core of the Greek music scene due to some shaky but starry and beautifully chaotic live acts.Larry Gus,grasped onto some of the elements of his first band, the crude aesthetics of his music which is based mainly on rhythm response, with his persistence on free jazz style of the late 60s/early 70s. He kept onto that memorabilia of musical ethics on his essence with thousand of samples and orderly psychedelic pop melodies, which all mingled into one great pot of multiple polyrythmis layers of com mixed sound scape’s.

His first album “Stitches” got released 3 years later in 2009 from Cast-A-Blast, and soon after that he found himself for a year attending in Barcelona as an intern and postgraduate student for “The Music Technology Group” (Reactable,Freesound). Afterwards,he found himself ending up in Veria again to get his hands on a next project “Years not living” an album inspired by Georges Perece book “La Vie mode d’emploi” (Life,A users manual,beautiful postmodern fiction to be gulped on) and Lucio Battisti’s 1974 album “Anima Latina” (Latin Soul,just WOW if you havent heard it).The sessions of “Years not Living” had an excessive responce of 85 songs, and a full on picture the process with a finger showing Greek background of an unstable economic crisis, all which were put on video canvas and part of film “My Friend Larry Gus” (directed by Vasilis Katsoupis) which will be released in 2013.

In the meantime, while heaps of remixes were coming out, in 2011, “24beats” mini album got released on Wagga,a sider of Lefse records. Last release on DFA was “Silent Congas”, a foretaste of 9 tracks,outtakes from the “Years not living” (which even fell on Pitchfork hands and not only), and a full LP will be happening! in the Spring of 2013 on DFA. So we come up to the 7inch “Angelos Kyriou/Achilleas Kyriakidis” on InnerEar for the meantime!

Gus has showed his talent in various parts of the world,participating in the 2nd Biennial of Athens and the 2nd Nuit Blance a Met in France. You can find him these days in Milano ,Italy holding back on his beloved obsessions(Jorge Luis Borges,Georges Perec,Lucio Battisti,Woody Allen and Otis Jackson Jr.) and So far, he has performed alongside such acts as Caribou, Ariel Pink, Edan, Hype Williams, !!!, Demdike Stare, Alex Smoke, Old Apparatus and John Maus at various venues…

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