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epavlis pavlakis-christos laskaris LP [2013]

epavlis pavlakis-christos laskaris LP [2013]

2 words
poetry and digital age
this is my escapism
esoteric movement and thoughts and feelings.
is a bond within music a bond for life?
you can disappear in the abyss of a tune for ages.
i count my hope in lustful memories 
that become a melody in someone else’s dream.
if your in Thessaloniki get one of 300 copies from Lotus
but if your interested in learning Greek now poetry is the time to fly!

Ούτε ευτυχισμένος,
ούτε δυστυχισμένος.
μια επιφάνεια,
που πάνω της
κάνει τσουλήθρα ο χρόνος.

Epavlis Pavlakis is the personal project of Pavlos Vakalos, formed in 1999
in Thessaloniki, Greece.
His studies on classic flute, Auth/Musicology, UvA/Musicology, Steim/Nl
inspired and drove him on creating sounds, collages, multilingual
recitation, serene rhythms and electronic waves, for more than 15 years of
music experimentation. His music is an inner audio documentary that
captures part of the soul, as expressed through words and sounds.

Epavlis Pavlakis makes ten audio comments on ten poems of Christos
Laskaris. The heartbreaking voice of a deceased poet is presented
through the minimal digital sounds of a musician who met the poet
through his brother. A linear vivid audio environment that captures and
charges the voice. A Homage.
Epavlis Pavlakis first LP release combines a unique eye view on poetry
and digital age.
Christos Laskaris (Havari Ilias, 1931 – Patra, 2008), poet, graduate of the
Teaching Academy of Tripoli. He worked in the Insurance Agency of
Patra’s Urban Buses. His poems are published by Diagonios, Mpilieto,

All tracks composed arranged and mixed by Epavlis Pavlakis.
Poetry, voice and recitation by Christos Laskaris.
Original cover photo by Photo archive of I. Apostolidis.
Artwork by Opora.

Στην πρώτη επαφή που είχαμε,
μιλήσαμε όπως δυο ξένοι
για πράγματα διάφορα σχεδόν.
Στη δεύτερη μπορώ να πω το ίδιο,
με κάποια στη φωνή μας διαφορά,
ένα χρωμάτισμα.
Ώσπου στην Τρίτη,
τα λόγια μας ακολουθούσαν παύσεις –
εκείνες οι γλυκές σιωπές
του έρωτα.