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The Greek Theatre-Lost out at sea [2013]

The Greek Theatre-Lost out at sea [2013]

Its Swedish duo ( Sven Fröberg and Fredrick Persson)  known as the Greek Theatre 
debut album “Lost Out At Sea” is due out on July 1st.
Im feeling great,the same esoteric shake i encountered while  listening to Jonathan Wilson’s album “Gentle Spirit” 2 years back”
and they are not even greeks!
 do stream with a breeze in your ears.
Here´s what Jon “Mojo” Mills editor-in-chief of Shindig Magazine has to say about the group:

“The Greek Theatre play laconic-yet-bright songs with thoughtful lyricism and delicate musicianship that update the floral elements of late 60´s pop. More dreamy than dream pop. Jangling, chiming guitars and West Coast harmonies, desolate piano driven ambience that recalls Big Star´s Third and Pink Floyd and elements of soft pop vocals and brushed drums, make for a beautiful relaxed sound. They could and should impress a large audience.”


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