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Tessera Skies-Soliloquy of an Astronaut [track]

Tessera Skies-Soliloquy of an Astronaut [track]

Take no more than eight words to panic 
Wake slowly. You’re breathing. You’re breathing 

Green and blue look very strange from out here 
Look at me. I’m dying. I’m dying 

Facts and figures fill my every pore until I’m no longer naked 
Chemically of perfect humour, cost-effective, better balanced 
Raze my cloak until I’m between alive and asphyxiating 
Rickety and unaware of what behoves my name and race 

So grab your things and put them in pockets 

Oh you’re a perfect equilibrium of fierce chemicals 
Barbarians in a holy war; a sudden death; a revolution 
What became of music? What became of all I held so dear? 
A small but vital cog in evolutionary metamorphosis 

Take with you your good cheer and heartache