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The Echelon Effect | Atlantic | 2013 | bandcamp release

The Echelon Effect | Atlantic | 2013 | bandcamp release

on Fallen “as the wind hits the space
you must shut his eyes
the sand on the beach
rises with the breath of the Atlantic
moves to its commands
falters and falls
it cant go far without wings nor legs
even a speck gets too heavy after time
all life must find the ground once more
and even that will crumble towards the core”

Διπλος δισκος που σε προετοιμάζει για ενα μεγαλο μονοπατι μεταξύ των δυο μεγαλύτερων ωκεανών του πλανήτη. Η ιδέα του Dave ειναι νομιζω μαγική. Ξεφεύγεις απο την στεριά όπου νοιωθεις ασφάλεια και πετάς μέσα στον κίνδυνο. Αξίζει να διαβασεις τα παρακατω και φυσικα εχουμε και σπέσιουλ guests :D 

Whilst standing on a beach in late 2011 on the shores of the Pacific, the thought occurred to me that people actually live, travel and work in some of these most hostile conditions on earth. The vision was, if possible, to capture these conditions in music.
The album is meant to be listened to as a full and chronological listen, representing the shifting with different weather and sea conditions interspersed with sightings of land and wildlife. But you can pull it apart however you want!
I’ve have two special guests on the record. Torsten Kinsella from God Is An Astronaut lends vocals to the track “Hidden Rocks”. I still can’t believe this!
Ciaran Morahan from the group Codes In The Clouds, plays guitar on the track “Remember Sennen”. i still can’t believe this either!The journey will not end with “Atlantic”, the sister album “Pacific” will be released in 2014.

Atlantic can be picked up digitally now from the links below, or many other download stores. Physical copies of the completed double album will be available next year.


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