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#12 | Hidden Masters ‎– Of This & Other Worlds| Rise Above Records (electronikaki)

#12 | Hidden Masters ‎– Of This & Other Worlds| Rise Above Records (electronikaki)

No.12 #Give it a spin 2013 (electronikaki) 
Hidden Masters
Of this and Other Worlds
Τι να σου πρωτο-πω.
τον ζεις τον ενθουσιασμο μου με τους Κρυφούς Μάστορες….
Οι εναλλαγές τους με τρελαίνουν.
Φυσικά όλα βγαλμένα από μια αλλη εποχή που δεν έζησα ποτέ μου…
παρα μονο αναβιώνω μέσα από τα ακούσματα και το ψάξιμο. 
Με το ντεμπούτο τους στην αγαπημένη Rise Above Records (eclectic underground rock,doom metal,acid folk,progressive rock,proto metal,reissues and unreleased late 60s early 70s)
σπάνε το φράγμα των genre μεσα μου με πολυ ανορθόδοξο τροπο.
3 μάγοι με διαφορετικές μουσικές στολές
David Adisson (που σε ενα παραλληλο συμπαν κρασάρει στο σπιτι του Joe Meek) -guitar/vocal
Alasdair C Mitchell –bass,guitar,piano,organ,vocal
John Nicol-drums,vocal
Progressive Popsike
ετσι χαρακτηριζουν τον ηχο τους
και θα συμπληρώσω
“with heaps of twists and twirls”
Παρόλο που ο δίσκος είναι πολυδιάστατος 
δεν με κουρασε καθολου σε καθε μου ακροαση.

Απο το Shindig magazine τα γραφουν καλυτερα απο μενα 
γιατι σημερα ειμαι φορτισμενη 😛

 Dave with his Robert Frippish meets Buddy Holly speccy appearance although every inch the anti rock star mixes in droll humour with some nifty foot moves as he casts knowing glances at the first bemused crowd. It’s a presence you can’t quite put your finger on. Long haired and bearded bassist Alasdair in boating blazer, polo neck, amulet, flares and zipper boots adds a venerable UFO Club touch to match the constant psychedelic flourishes whilst laid back grizzly man John props up the show with both manic and restrained drumming and further stellar vocal support. There isn’t another trio like it. Their differing personalities and demeanor almost seem at odds with each other but work, like a dream pop group should. There’s something quintessentially British and eccentric about the whole premise, almost Dr Who-ish in their off kilter time travel and intellect.

‘Perfume’ recalls a young Julian Cope doing his Jim Morrison impersonation fronting an all analogue and further steeped in ’60s US psych Teardrop Explodes, ‘Into The Night Sky’ has something of Arthur Lee experimenting with country-rock and Black Sabbath about it, ‘Last Days Of The Sun’ could well be by the most talented ’60s garage band making a diversion into classically tinged, psychedelic pop and ‘There Are More Things’’ blend of Mel Torme jazz crooning, mambo rhythms and barber shop vocalising sounds like the sort of fevered technicoloured musical dream interlude you would only expect to hear in vintage Disney feature Dumbo. ‘Like Candy’ toys with ancient American folk in the same way as acid-fried hippies The Charlatans whilst ‘Fall In Line’ could very well have featured in a trip scene from an old AIP drugsploitation flick, urgent riffing and madrigal harmonies one minute, paranoid warning vocals the next… Strawberry Alarmclock, Clear Light…. and the odd Who-ism. Perfect.

Long live Glasgow! 
άλλη Μεγάλη Μάνα!
Α ρε μάνα!
Μάθε τεχνη και ασ’την…. bonus video.
Αυτα ειναι studio! Γιαυτο και επιτευχθηκε τετοιος ηχος!
Τιποτα δεν ειναι τυχαιο…
Η διανομη

Day ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫
12.Hidden Masters-Of this and other worlds (Rise Above Records)
13.Dale Cooper Quartet And The Dictaphones-Quatorze Pièces De Menace (Denovali)
14.Lilacs & Champagne-Danish & Blue (Mexican Summer)
15.Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld-Still Smiling (Specula)
16.Τhe Fauns-Lights (Invada)
17.Diamat-Being Is The Sum Of Appearing (n5MD)
18.The Drones-I See Seaweed (self released)
19. John Tchicai, Cecil McBee, Garrison Fewell, Charlie Kohlhase, Billy Hart-Tribal Ghost (NoBusiness)
20. Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle – Perils from the sea (Caldo Verde)
φίλτατος BelgAlex
12.Soso-Not for nothing (Endemik music)
13.Jenny Hval-Innocence is Kinky (Rune Grammofon)
14.IO ECHO-Ministry of Love (IamSound)
15.Circuit Des Yeux-Overdue (Ba Da Bing)
16.These New Puritans-Field of Reeds (Infectious Music)
17.The Boy-American Unicorn (Inner Ear)
18.Grave Miasma-Odori Sepulcrorum (Sepulchrar Voice)
19.Touche Amore-Is survived by (Deathwish Inc)
20.Savages-Silence Yourself (Matador)