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Cascadeur-Ghost Surfer | 2014
Roleplay - My Sun
Roleplay – My Sun
Delta – Swimming
aonian ascent © Alex Kozobolis 135kb
Aonian – Ascent
mcdead cover distro 1600387031058
McDead – Mercury Blue Tubes
Biiig Stretch – Aurora
Wray – Wishing
Jonny Cool – Portland Zoo
Creeptones – Hell and Ice
Johnny Franco – Stay Real

Cascadeur-Ghost Surfer | 2014

HD MG 9836 S 1024x1024
je t’aime 

To stay untouchable and to protect himself from the ever roaming evil spirits, Cascadeur has found the response to
maintain his mystery: from here forward he will be a ghost.
The first surprise is a pretty big one, for we find Christophe making an unexpected solo (more or less) appearance in French (Collector);
– then backing vocals by Eric Pulido and Tim Smith from the American band Midlake (Casino, Visage Pale, White Space, “Babylon, Babylone???”),
– vocals by the founder of British band Tindersticks, Stuart A. Staples (The Crossing),
– Médéric Collignon’s magical cornet (White Space, The Crossing) and Tigran Hamasyan’s inspired piano-playing (Ladyday) represent the world of jazz,
– a bewitching appearance by Belgian soprano Anne-Catherine Gillet (Dark Passenger, Standalone, Visage Pale and Mohawk), and
– the devilish decks of Dj pFel (Ghost Surfer).
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