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The Zebras – Siesta | Jigsaw Records

The Zebras – Siesta | Jigsaw Records

Getting through a hot summer’s day with some cool indie power-pop 
that brings back memories
(after listening to New Order’s-Crystal on repeat for no reason it just dwelled in the system …. for an afternoon siesta!)

Siesta derives its title from the hotel
depicted on the album’s cover art – a mock postcard from Cairns, the
regional Queensland town where The Zebras’ founding members grew up and
where chief songwriter Jeremy Cole has largely drawn on for inspiration
this time ’round.

And though, thematically, this is a set of reflections on a youth
misspent soaking up the lazy vibes in the tropical north, musically, Siesta is no lying down matter.

Adding even more fire power, Cole has called on the hyper-pop expertise
of Lachlan’s brother, Architecture in Helsinki’s Gus Franklin to
preside over the final mixes; the result is an album Cole has always
wanted to make but never quite had the nerve.