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Odawas-Reflections of a Pink Laser | Bookmaker records

Odawas-Reflections of a Pink Laser | Bookmaker records

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Music by Michael James Tapscott & Isaac Edwards
Editing by Valentin Féron

Contains footage from :

– “SOLARIS” Andreï Tarkovski (1972)
– “OUTLAND” Peter Hyams (1981)
– “ALTERED STATES” Ken Russell (1981)
– “KOYAANISQATSI” Godfrey Reggio (1982)
– “SCREAMERS” Christian Duguay (1995)

 In 2009, Odawas lighted amongst the oceanic synths and shimmering
ambiance of The Blue Depths. Five years on, 2014 marks the return of our
psychonauts, with their new LP, Reflections of a Pink Laser, released
on Parisian boutique label, Bookmaker Records. Once again casting their
gaze into the cosmos, the present finds Odawas crafting songs of the
future to deal with the past. Drawing from the later novels of
science-fiction visionary Philip K. Dick, songwriter Michael James
Tapscott adapts campfire stories of personal narrative and vicarious
observation for the frozen flames of Ichthys. Across these interstellar
structures of human plight, producer and arranger Isaac Edwards paints
galactic swaths of cinematic scope and delves deeper into the sonority
of the organic and synthetic, from the dim-lit ache of resignation in
“Home,” through the epiphanic vastness of “What If Our World is Their
Heaven?” With Reflections of a Pink Laser, Odawas extends a stigmatic
hand and with a flash of the eyes invites you, dear listener, on an epic
journey from innerspace to the outer limits.

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