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Ballet-Stress and Low

Ballet-Stress and Low

“Stress and Low” is the first single of upcoming indie-rock band Ballet!
You will cure your words with the opposite feelings as you press play.
Another single will follow until the full album “Sunday”, will be released in March this year.

The beauty of this song lays in its cloudy nostalgic atmosphere. The
combination between the soft guitars, sweet strings, playful arpeggiator
synths and catchy vocals creates the sensation of a spontaneous travel
in the clouded winter skies of Tel Aviv. Stress and Low showcases a
perfect example for Ballet’s signature sound, a blend between the
psychedelic echoes of the sixties and more modern melodic rock elements.
All of this is being led by their poppy and almost childish approach to
rock, forming this rare and invaluable indie rock package. 



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