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Dolphin-Young Black Mind | Fresh Selects

Dolphin-Young Black Mind | Fresh Selects

The anomaly in question is Dolphin – a prolific outsider artist based in
Baltimore. He has written and recorded over 50 full-length albums
over the past 10 years or so – and has never officially released a
single one of them. Until now.

To ease things into the barrage of music to come, he presents “Young
Black Mind” – a 7 minute anthem that is as much autobiographical and
specific as it is universal and ubiquitous. As he does on all his songs
Dolphin wrote, produced, recorded & played all the instruments on
the track himself
(in this case being vocals, piano, strings, bass
guitar, and the MPC for drums). The song serves as a strong, yet mere
“tip of the iceberg,” introduction to the wholly original sound that
Dolphin has cultivated and developed over all these years.

The secret’s out now – but the story’s just beginning.