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I , Us & We-Mono

I , Us & We-Mono


Official release: 6th April

Jordan Doverspike, Evan
Doverspike and Aaron Doverspike are brothers based in California who
write and perform captivating dream pop they describe as “clean and

Their EP, the beautifully atmospheric ‘Mono’ was recorded in their home
studio and produced by Chad Marshman over the course of several weeks.
 Taking a collaborative approach, the brothers found that some tracks
came more easily than others, but the advantage of recording from a home
studio meant that they could act immediately whenever inspiration

‘Mono’ is a fluid collection of songs featuring enigmatic sounds and
vocal harmonies that ebb and flow, with each track differing in tone.
 The upbeat opening track ‘Lanterns’ is perfectly juxtaposed with the
ethereal and climactic ‘Sunday’. Third track ‘Free is ominously somber
whereas closing track ‘Alive’ ends the EP on an optimistic note.