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Tracey Thorn-Follow me down | The Falling OST

Tracey Thorn-Follow me down | The Falling OST

Set in a girls school in the late sixties, ‘The Falling’
is acclaimed director Carol Morley’s (Dream of a Life, The Alcohol
Years) atmospheric debut feature film, which garnerned rave 5-star
reviews in the Guardian and the Times when it premiered at the London
Film Festival in September 2014.
The soundtrack is dominated by
eight songs and sketches by Tracey Thorn gathered together on a new
17-minute EP – Songs from The Falling – released on Strange Feeling
Written after consultation with Morley to fit the film’s
mood and themes Thorn’s music was inspired by one the central scenes in
which several girls form the ‘Alternative School Orchesta’ and jam
listlessly on instruments left lying around in the music room.
sent me a cardboard box full of the instruments they used – the typical
things you’d expect, wood-block, tambourine, triangle, recorder – and I
decided to use the scene as a springboard for my songs,’ says Tracey.
in the north London home studio she shares with her partner Ben Watt
(who engineered the recordings), Thorn added guitar and piano, wrote the
songs and then – playing everything herself – allowed herself one take
only on each of the instruments. ‘I wanted to leave in all timing
discrepancies to try and capture the loose freeform feel of an untutored
school performance,’ she adds. The final mixes were done by Bruno
Part folk, part minimal garage band, the music’s gauzy
simplicity harks back to Tracey’s cult debut album ‘A Distant Shore’
‘The Falling’ movie is out in cinemas from April 24.

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