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Cover photograph by Simon Bray

Design by Matt Bailey
Im a proud owner of an orange lp, out on organik recordings.
It’s got a scratch from playing it on repeat so many times…

So glad to see Matt with his debut album after so many years of sweet anticipation!  (emotional fan)
All you need is a tune to show you the way, 
the way a heart 
And for the history of things, if you liked something in the past, you are sure to like it in the present. That’s the great thing with musical journeys. A trip to de javu land including new places!
‘Tides’ is the debut album from Manchester-based producer Matt Brewer
aka Frameworks. Since the release of his first EP ‘Vanish’ back in 2012,
Frameworks has been building a loyal following for his atmospheric and
haunting compositions.

‘Tides’ sees him joining the dots between instrumental hip hop heroes
Aim and RJD2, the epic soundscapes of Cinematic Orchestra and the deft
songwriting of Bonobo.

Previous collaborators Rioghnach Connolly and JP Cooper return for the
album with two tracks apiece. Rioghnach gives a captivating vocal
performance on lead single ‘Calm The Still Night’ and the brooding
‘Dawn’, whilst JP (recently signed to Island Records) brings raw soul to
‘Old Friend’ and ‘No Place To Hide Away’.

The bedrock of the album is instrumental with Frameworks’ trademark
string-laden productions taking in cinematic jazz (‘Patience’), folk
(‘End’) and more uptempo fare in the shape of ‘Breathing Light’ and ‘A
New Sun’. Tides’ shows just how accomplished Frameworks is as a producer
and composer, showing a lightness of touch and genuine song-writing
talent that few can emulate.


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