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VA Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival | freebee

VA Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival | freebee

curated by Ear to Ear Records (Shauna McLarnon of Ummagma) and Indonesia’s Gerpfast Kolektif

It’s all about shoegaze today!
This music tree has it’s branches from all over the world!
It’s also free that means you don’t have to become a pirate, but you can sure support this release any way you can!

Cataclysmic times, it’s often said, produces great art. So does
diversity. The modern day musical landscape is in a constant state of
change with its many scenes recreating themselves into something
interestingly new. This equally applies to the shoegaze genre. Beautiful
Noise is still being made and it’s sounding from all four corners of
the globe.

2014 was a great year for shoegaze fans, with news surrounding the
reformation of bands like Slowdive, Swervedriver, Ride and Medicine.
2015 is primed to be just as interesting and we are kicking it off by
presenting the new breed, who are writing the next chapter in shoegaze.
In the wake of the reformation of these ‘first wave’ shoegaze bands, we
have amalgamated underground artists from all over the world, who are
virtually united under one revolutionary flag – that of a shoegaze

“Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival” is an epic, truly international
30-track compilation
comprised of outstanding original material. Such
bands have set the stage for shoegaze pioneers’ return to today’s scene
by upholding their wall of sound and painting it with breathtaking
colour. Some of these bands are also ‘first wave’ but have remained
underground, while some are newbies – the ‘second wave’ of shoegaze.

Curated by UK label Ear to Ear Records and Indonesian label Gerpfast
, this compilation features 30 bands from 16 countries, covering
5 of the 6 inhabited continents. Each was selected purely on the basis
of their dynamic sound, without any consideration of geographic
preference, label affiliation, popularity ranking or hype. Without even
one throwaway or filler track, these are all ‘keepers’.

This is not a shoegaze tribute album to MBV or Slowdive, or even The
Beatles. There is simply so much greatness to the new wave of shoegaze
that we’re focusing on original tracks, which showcase the immense
talent of the featured bands. For some, this album may be the best
shoegaze soundtrack they’ll encounter in 2015. At minimum, this will
serve as a fantastic introduction to these new sounds and happily tide
existing shoegaze fans over for quite some time.

Creation Records co-founder Joe Foster (also noted for producing My
Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, and Jesus & Mary Chain) is also
throwing his support behing this initiative, stating “This is a new comp
with the best of the world shoegaze/magical psychpoppy’s REBIRTH….
Ear To Ear Records are a new Welsh/Canadian label in the spirit of
Creation and 4AD and just as obsessed as that! Why do I refer to rebirth
instead of revival? In contrast, a *rebirth* in the same period gave us
such bands as The Cramps, Primal Scream and Cocteau Twins – what a
range!! And such a huge and wide world of music…this is exactly what
is happening again in a new and unexpected way! 30 bands from 16
countries worldwide…an unprecedented spread of hope and art”.

Members of Swervedriver, Slowdive, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Swallow
[4AD], Strata Florida [Saint Marie Records] and The Telescopes
[Creation Records] have also expressed their support, as well as
renowned British producer Fran Ashcroft (Damon Albarn, Lords of Acid).
We are hopeful that this compilation will help move this genre beyond
being “The Scene That Celebrates Itself” to one that is also celebrated
by others…