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Brendan Bonsack-What is love?

Brendan Bonsack-What is love?

My far away friend Brendon Bonsack is a genius when it comes to #pop ‪#‎folk‬ ‪#‎noir‬ ‪#‎alternative‬
music & poetry. His latest album includes “National Anthem” which
takes me back to my childhood, even though I’m searching for the truth
now wherever I am … please take a chance to listen to his beautiful
work on the official website, just thoughts for a rainy day in
Thessaloniki, Greece. xxx
I hope I meet you someday my clockwork monkey!
This is a compilation of songs around the notion of “love”.

This album contains music from previous releases, including,

You Are Here

Once Was Water

Of Burning Things Vol. II

Long Tall Shadow

The Sky that Came Before


All songs written by Brendan Bonsack, except “My Coat”, written with Angie LaPaglia (

released 19 May 2015

Cover art adapted from a sketch by Mabel Dwight, 1937