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Esoteric Sob-Diamonds EP | Numb Capsule Records

Esoteric Sob-Diamonds EP | Numb Capsule Records

 COO Cafe|Bar Thessaloniki 
Live Set – Presentation of Diamonds EP w/ Dozen Draft – Live & Sisa Krew (fragile balloon & beizmentknowledg) – Dj Set

Electronica knocks itself down in various sub_genres and always rebuilds itself up to the top. It’s a magical process, that never causes collateral damage to the core. De-genre analysing things as we speak. It was never hipster, hype-ster or an underground cult. It is a stable thus experimental, sound pattern that emphasizes radically in bpm beats. 

It’s the one truthful minute, a breakthrough, you suddenly realize your missing some of your hero labels in your everyday life. Remembering the constant days of Morr music, 12KCity Centre OfficesCrammed DiscsF CommunicationsEditions MegoHospital RecordsKrankyMatadorLo recordingsMuteSmalltown Supersound and other super labels of your pre-post growing up years.. 

I know, I’ve become a bit mellow.Well, I’ve literally got a Diamond EP in my hands for more than two weeks, but finally words can leave my thirsty summertime mouth and speak loud feelings that come off the latest release from Esoteric Sob (GR).

The points of reference for Esoteric Sob’s aesthetics are crafty innovation,evolving the past channels and the profile risk maker of experimentation on hi-sky pitches of electronic gravity.
This fresh cutter EP has just been released on promising Numb Capsule Records (GR). If you’ve been tracing some great electronic releases this year, watch the Diamonds transform up high on my list, and see them flashing next to the sentimental spectrum of B. FleischmannMumLali Puna and the Album Leaf. It could be fantasized on a major home label but mostly on my “intelligent” playlist these days…
Local Labels as great in concept as Numb Capsule have nothing to fear about, in the future as we listeners always need a home to place our trans-formative ears.
Finding out true gems, in Greece makes you very proud and happy of the scene that works silently in the right direction of the heart.
If there where lyrics infused in the ambient penetration it could be a non stop engima of pure electronic inner gaze.

A lot on this EP has to do with inner processing. That’s what my ears tell me. The vocal samples shout out to the many gods of fortune, under the souls tortured skies. For some torture may just be an action of repeat fullness and self forgiving. And in that sense it feels as if on each track your eliminating your fears, taking the tunnel to a new level of abstract melodious combat. I don’t like reviewing things anymore, by now you have got that right. It all comes down to your own feelings. If your looking to support some interesting music, from this beautiful country, now is the time to pay the website some respect. 

If you could really touch the sky with electronica at any tempo… this could be a soundtrack of flight. If you get too close to the sun, it will always help the Icarus in you, balance back to base with inner respect to the glitch full beat of electronic willfulness. 

As this approach above all seems easy, how do you create a soundtrack of your instincts?

Putting soul in electronica, is always the hard part. “Unknown” are the thoughts of the creator. A mystifying track that today will be my leader into sensitive digitalis! John, (Esoteric Sob) has a quality of personality, that you can really stamp his ambitions in the tunes he shares from time to time. 

As diamonds come from the Greek word αδάμας (that sounded like a bigfatgreekwedding line), which is unbreakable, we just found out our strong spot in the Greek electronica scene that is here to stay. A stable yet synthetically truthful beauty of electronic surfaces creating the most wonderful patterns you could escape into..this weekend. John is also a mastermind behind the new collective Oneirodes Records we just posted a week ago.