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Jack Grace – Hills

Jack Grace – Hills

When you see a hill, do you think of a challenge or a burden?
Growing up in Sydney the only hills I used to see where the ones in Blue Mountains.
That changed in Greece a long time after, along all it’s beautiful landscape.
The more you climb
the higher you get.
But it’s an elevation of the spirit not a personal status.
That’s my thing.

You always have to musically dream in the hands of the one that cares for you.

Today Jack Grace is serving us some pure treats.
By the end of it all, you feel the rhythm twirl in that concluding shape of acts. 
Beautiful colored distortion in the resolution of the hearts chambers.
It’s a chopped up reality
blurry but clear on my speakers.
Wishing you all the best Jack
to keep us warm and motivated in the future.

ps. step on you own footwork
and feel strong!

Sydney based songwriter & producer Jack Grace releases the video for his first single ‘Hills’ from his forthcoming debut EP. 
The clip for ‘Hills’ uses pieces of footage Grace captured whilst driving between NYC and Vermont, where he was writing and recording music earlier this year. Grace wanted the clip to reflect the track and encapsulate the unspoken separation often felt from those closest to you.
Jack traverses borders and delivers his unique take on Trip Hop, Footwork, Post-Dub, House, Folk & Gospel. 

An audible hurricane of poignant reflection peppered with slivers of Thom Yorke, Kanye West & James Blake, debut single ‘Hills’ is a rare and succinct introduction from any newcomer. Opening with a beautiful and soaring vocal against a warm bass synth, the song lurches into weaving minimal gospel harmony set against footwork beats and keys.