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VA- Oneirodes Compilation Vol​.​1 | free download

VA- Oneirodes Compilation Vol​.​1 | free download

While I’m watching our prime minister talking about the future….
yes it’s difficult days here in GR but you shouldn’t listen to what the media says…
I think that the future is already here… I’ll mute my thoughts and play some great music.
Yes, that’s right “Oneirodes Records” is a new collective future hop label.
Future hop(e) too! 
It’s nice that things keep on evolving and meeting new people, sharing headphones…
Oneirodes is a genus of dreamers.

We need dreamers more than ever now!

20 artists from all over the world.
There are gems to discover over the weekend,
so drop a line and tell us what’s your favorite song!
We know the mastermind behind this beautiful bonding.
It’s a free download. But you could (must) support if you like!