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DESAMPA & iMC – Waiting (Official Music Video)

DESAMPA & iMC – Waiting (Official Music Video)

The last time we ft Desampa on the blog was in 2013
wow, time flies!
No matter who you are, if your soul shines through a mask,
then you’ve got a gift that’s called humanity.

São Paulo-based singer and songwriter, DESAMPA premieres the music video for his
track “Waiting”, off of his third release, “/// EP” (2015). The video is a visual guide to a
dark and dance track produced in collaboration with English producer iMC.

In the video, the artist wanders through infamous areas of São Paulo, his birth city, such
as Paulista Avenue (busiest avenue) and Minhocão (a bridge that sits above the city). He
dances and moves in front of the city and its inhabitants, like there was no one else

The track “Waiting” talks about an unrequited love, not because there is no attraction
between both people, but because they are in different dimensions. The video was
directed by Marlon Brambilla (Estúdio Carne), with costume by Mario Francisco, of the
Brazilian label Der Metropol.

“I wanted the clothes and the masks, in connection with the city’s lights, to translate what
I envision of a São Paulo from a not so distant future. But that may never come to be
so.”, says DESAMPA.

The 24 year old musician, works with an infusion of R&B, Soul and electronic music,
creating what’s called “Future Soul”. He is one of the four Brazilians that will attend Red
Bull Music Academy, to be held in Paris this year.