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Ocean Hope-Chamber Dreams

Ocean Hope-Chamber Dreams

Ζωγραφίζοντας ανθρώπινα πίξελ στο κύμα της ελπίδας.
Ocean Hope quietly emerged in the fall of 2014 with a pair of demos
shrouded in a foggy, seductive mystery, as is frequently the result of a
veiled online connection. The strength of these early demos paved the
way for the act’s forthcoming debut release ‘Chamber Dreams.’

Ocean Hope’s music reveals a warm, romantic dream-pop sound strong
enough to refresh ears in 2015 while carrying an aesthetic influenced by
the avant-garde pioneers that dominated 4AD’s roster during the 1980’s.
Beautiful ethereal vocals glide and blur over expressive guitars, lush
analogue synths, and distant percussion, creating an ideal soundtrack
for nostalgic daydreams, midnight adventures, and intimate encounters. 

Recently unveiled as the project of a Greek brother-sister duo from a
small seaside village near the city of Corinth, their introductory EP
captures a whimsical, escapist aura. Inspired by their own isolated
formative years spent lost in the imaginations of directors such as
Federico Fellini and Hayao Miyazaki, as well as the visionary albums of
Arthur Russell and The Cure, Ocean Hope confidently craft their own
hypnotic, fantastical world on their debut release.

Ocean Hope also appear on Keep Shelly In Athens’ new single “Now I’m
Ready,” the title track to the fellow Greek dream-pop outfit’s album now
out on Friends of Friends.