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VA-Indusria Tropical | Pakapi + Was Ist Das? tape

VA-Indusria Tropical | Pakapi + Was Ist Das? tape

I’ve been friends with the Pakapi Records label based in Argentina, and with the great guys running it since 2014. It was instant experimental love! The VA I came across La Psicotropia, changed my focus on new South American artists.
Now, they strike back with a fresh tape “Industrial Tropical” and the title has all intentions stated in it!Joining forces with Was Ist Das? label once again we are bound to listen to industrial music with a tropical flavor. Now this is quite a superb cocktail. Compiled by Juan Jose Calarco.

Whilst “La Psicotropia” took a psychedelic approach to modern electronic
cumbia music, “Industria Tropical” takes the classic early industrial
sound to South America. Think early Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242 and
Throbbing Gristle set to a tropical beat. The sunny beats of cumbia
& reggaeton soaking up the dark moods of European urban decay. It’s a
perfect culture clash…

limited edition of 100

ps. I really need to get to the bottom of every artist if I have time and make another massive Pakapi love post.