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Dozen Draft-Say Hello | exclusive stream > Numb Capsule Records

Dozen Draft-Say Hello | exclusive stream > Numb Capsule Records

There are so many things happening, with the evolving music scene in Thessaloniki. Our crisis days turned all buttons full-on to potential, adrenaline and opportunities for humane elasticity…
Elasticity , is the name of the second full length album of Dozen Draft out on our favourite newly created Numb Capsule Records , that actually is lively and sensitively responsive to our needy ears lately! Accurately, I’ve been a Dozed fan from the day I pictured eternal life-lines of music on his clean hands
 My music brain cells clap away, to the ecstatic rhythm of “Say Hello”. … hello you…. A private welcoming track into the mysterious energetic and  weird-some tribal outer space of Dozen Draft! So happy to have our own #giveitaspin premiere!
He is a futuresque craftsman of his own style, born in the same small town Veria as Larry Gus. As my grandma used to say, “There is something in the water” that makes these audio expressionists touch our heart in mysterious ways with the wonderful cheekiness pumping out of each bpm.

… a system that autonomously adapts its capacity to workload again and again and again…

humanities degradation lies around the most ironic, miserable and slavish phrase i’ve being reading lately

– we are looking for employee who is flexible to adapt to a variety of situations

keeping a human being as a chattel

These  treasures of tracks burst out feelings from our everyday lives that conceive life in their own recursive state in no such need for paternalism. Perhaps it’s a soundtrack to explain our over processed lifestyle full of weird society statistics. Down with depression, up with expression is the signal.  High peaks of rare recording techniques, tropical positivism and lo-fi wonderfulness travels the beat to a melodic idiosyncrasy.
If our superior kindness listened carefully to these anti-pop callings of goodness life would be more tastier to the soul of our musical implosions! Perhaps the next step is a collab with fellow DFA, Ghostly or Warp , warriors to complete the capsule of time-bending tunes full of pleasureaesthetics and stimulating antigravity.Ok I always like to stay super-positive!
Dozen Draft aka Babis Bozoglou has a fantastic depth of lightness on the serious life issues 
which reflect and resolve the sound of intensity in the most dance-able way as if your floating out of your thoughts! An excellent exploration into the most tasteful uptempo boundaries of tunes that will stick with you through their norms of elasticity! 

                                                     Α good song is a good song
τι καταλαβα με τον δισκο αποψε: .σε έναν κόσμο όπου η αναπροσαρμογή θα δείχνει έμπρακτα την ελευθερία της, και όχι την επιβολή της στο ανθρωπινο ειδος.