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Casey Mecija – Psychic Materials

Casey Mecija – Psychic Materials

I’ve been a lot of things in my life. As post-grad in Materials Science, just looking at the album name intrigued me.
It’s funny how at times I connect with a different level to different things or feelings
especially at the time I’m breathing another focusing reality.
From Ohbijou to first solo album as Casey we love the DIY aesthetic of colors that bring together symmetric and anti symmetric life forms of musical activity. Toronto steals our heart for one more time with it’s great pop/indie/rock scene.
It must be psychic after all.

Materials, Mecija’s first solo album, is a return to the DIY aesthetic
that she long ago began to craft. It is brave in its address of
queerness, diaspora, history and love. She offers her listeners
assurance that music can give language to emotions not yet named

 When understanding fails, music consoles. There is always the chance
that a dream revisits us, but there is also the impossibility of holding
onto or recalling its details. These songs assemble emotions that live
in disparate locations. They are pieces of dreams about queerness,
memory, diaspora, history and love. Like an attempt to make sense of the
residue of a dream, I hope that the imposition of a coherent narrative
onto them is a necessary act but does not undermine their enigmatic
qualities. These songs contain materials that help me to know who I am,
all the while finding comfort in the places where knowing is not


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