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Kesang Marstrands newest album …For My Love

Kesang Marstrands newest album …For My Love


Kesang Marstrand
is straight forward with her lyrics and music. It aims to hit your heart, going around the corners and straight to the depth of your inner feelings. Born in Woodstock, NYC, she’s half Tibetan and Danish, something that you can discover also through her music endeavors on Bandcamp. Same tastes makes me feel happy, and I can connect to that also with her soul searching on the chords of life: David Bowie, Patsy Cline, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Elliott Smith, Laurie Anderson, Loretta Lynn …..It’s Sunday morning here, wind blowing outside but still not snowing, I’m glued to my earphones and my nose is stuck on the window pane..and I’m “sailing down this musical highway…”

as a teenager, started playing guitar and writing songs, and in my
twenties played at open mics in Greenwich Village, but mostly avoided
performing and focused on writing. I recorded a couple of albums at a
studio in Woodstock, released them on my own (as I’m doing now), then
fell in love and moved to Tunisia for four years. I’d never found the
sound I was looking for in my recordings, they didn’t quite reflect the
music in my head so I decided to learn about recording and do it on my
own. This new album is my first self-produced recording and reflects
a lot of time spent exploring and experimenting in order to find my sound.

Kesang’s newest album “For My love”,
is a record to spin when your enjoying a hot cup of tea, chocolate, or a
whiskey near the fireplace, even traveling through the misty city.As
life rushes, It slows down a pace and let’s you breathe through the
moments that you want to regain or seek out..It gets intimate and you
truly feel the stories that overlap in time’s response of love and
life’s quotes. Renowned composer
and vibraphonist Karl Berger plays his role as both producer and mentor
on the album. The songs evolve through emotion, instict and sensory
worlds …
 Listening to the album a few times today, I surely can say that my mind is stuck on the lyrics of “For My Love”. I haven’t heard such graceful notes of immortality in the burning voice of lyrical pain, thirst, rejoice and sacrifice for love’s sake in a long time….it’s music to sit still-while your heart’s pounding with feelings, inhale softly and feel enormous in minimal belongings…

we will be happy when we’re free..
Thanks Kesang…